Thursday, August 30, 2007

bribery, works every time

R is away this week at a learned conference, so I am trying to get my masses of work I'm behind with, caught up with, I have deadlines coming out of my ears. It's also the last week of the school holidays and O has remembered I promised to take him to Gulliver's World this holidays. So I promised to take him on Friday if I got all my work done, on condition that he let me get on with my work all this week (ie no friends round playing noisily, no constant 'muuuuuuuuuum'-ing, etc). Well half of the equation worked, he has been really good at letting me get on with stuff and not mithering me too much. If only I had actually got on with work in the mither-free time. But that's not his fault, so we are off to Gulliver's tomorrow. If only I could incentivise myself as well as I can incentivise O.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So, I have 3 assignments due in the next 3 weeks, on top of which R is going away for a few days next week for work. So this is a really good time to have a big family gathering sprung on us for this weekend. And an even better time for the washing machine to pack up. All in all an ideal time for me to burst into tears and run roudnt the house panicking about stuff and shouting at everyone, which I find is always a good way to handle a crisis.

oh dear

How did it get so long since I last posted? Partly because I have been away for quite a lot of the past month (summer school/holidays/conference) and when not away over night, I've had to travel around quite a bit for work. I think my life is feeling a bit crazy at the moment. Or perhaps it is my head that is going a bit crazy? I am not getting much constructive done. My studying is behind, so is my work, my house is a tip and I am usually found sitting knitting/crocheting. Actually crochet is the worst, I find that gets a bit obsessive sometimes. Goes without saying if my head is in a bad way, my eating is too. Which all reminds me, I must ring up for some more anti-crazy pills.

PS does anyone know if it's possible to stay logged in on two different google accounts on one computer? I have clarrie@ for blogging and realname@ for igoogle, and it's a right pain logging in and out between the two