Sunday, January 20, 2008


Went for first proper bike ride in ages today. Well I say proper; because it was so long since I'd been out we only did 15 miles. Didn't cycle much last year due to a combination of CB's bad knees and my OU commitments. CB's knees are much better now. Her doctor told her it was her weight putting too much stress on them, and she has done as she was told and lost weight. She's gone from being big like me (size 24/26) to being a 16/18. She's lost 80 lb in 8 months by careful eating and lots of exercise. And so I see with my own eyes that it can be done.

One thing I have to get back is control, not just of my eating but of other bits of my life. If things go wrong and I feel disorganised and running around getting nowhere fast and everything's too much, then that is liable to trigger me back down into uncontrolled eating too.

So that is what I am working on for now, being controlled and organised instead of panicked, bingeing and chaotic. I have started to revive my gtd processes; I have all my open loops in 'in' and will be processing them tomorrow. The weekly review will return. And I am going to get back to belly dancing this week.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

if only ....


Last night I watched Michael who cares, he's still a tory Portillo (and yes since you ask, I was still up) being hung in efigy, gassed and nearly asphyxiated. Unfortunately some Hollander saved him from death at the last minute. Actually it was a horrible programme, as Portillo tried to justify his belief in the humane application of the death penalty by investigating the ideal way to kill someone (hypoxia by nitrogen inhalation, it turns out). Still, I did like the bit where the smug bastard told a US death penalty advocate about his wizard wheeze and was a bit taken aback as this man made Portillo look like a wet librul gruaniad reader by explaining that any death penalty method that was painless was pointless. I hate Portillo. He is the epitome of smug tory bastardness. I once went to Halloween Party dressed as him, as he was the scariest most evil thing I could think of.

In other news, I have still been eating breakfast hurrah and will be facing The Scales tomorrow eek.

Monday, January 14, 2008

rare outbreak of efficiency

It is totally unheard of for me to book holidays more than a few weeks in advance. Or at least, it used to be. But now we have to juggle the only times we can go away (when school and university holidays coincide, which is not always) with the facts I want to go to summer school, that this is 'our year' for going to Ireland in the summer (we do it alternate summers), that part of my work programme for the whole year is being set up soon and I have a new colleague with school age kids (= competition for prime holiday dates), decisions had to be made. So this morning I emailed my boss and booked holidays in May (half term), July (summer school + ireland) and October (post-exam holiday).1

My gran died last year, and left a small amount of money for each of her many grandchildren. We decided to spend ours on a really nice holiday, so we've booked a log cabin in a forest in Scotland. I booked that this morning, too.

OK now I'm off back to re-GTD-ing my office. I've thrown out or filed lots of piles of paper, now I have to crank through the paper I've kept.

1. I realise that if you are American this seems like a lot. Actually I get 6 weeks (ie 30 days if I was full time) paid holidays (vacation) a year, plus 8 days bank holidays. This is generous by UK standards but not unusually so.

Friday, January 11, 2008

big blue zoo

Heh. Louis the giant pacific octopus loves to play with his Mr Potato Head toy. There's a YouTube vid, natch.

Louis is so clever and so beautiful. Spokesmansaid "Louis is well known for his curiosity and intelligence. We've devised a series of puzzles, games and toys to ensure he's getting the mental stimulation he needs but Mr Potato Head is definitely his favourite at the moment,"

I love visiting aquariums but have mixed feelings about them. I hate zoos and aquariums seem the same. Louis may like his toys but I'm sure he rather be out in the big wide ocean playing with the crabs and sharks.

Monday, January 07, 2008

one week in ...

... and I have so far not eaten any pringles at all, let alone for breakfast. All hail Alpen (no added sugar version natch). And and and we have been doing that "getting out in the fresh air" thingmy, variously been to Alderley Edge, Staithes and Teesdale so far this year (combined with visiting far-flung friends). Not walked far at any location but at least it got Owen away from his new Nintendo DS (alright I admit it, it got me away from it too. I am hooked on Zelda and the Phantom Hour Glass. Knitting productivity is suffering).

Oh and of course we saw lovely rocks at these locations, and as there have been insufficient cephalopods lately, here's a belemnite from Staithes (pound coin for scale):

belemnite fossil

Saturday, January 05, 2008

babystep no.1

my resolution this year: to take babysteps to where I want to go. First babystep for weight loss is to eat breakfast every day. I’ve let myself drift into some very bad eating habits over the past few months, one of the worst being not eating breakfast and then bingeing on pringles later. So, every morning I will eat proper breakfast food for breakfast.