Monday, January 14, 2008

rare outbreak of efficiency

It is totally unheard of for me to book holidays more than a few weeks in advance. Or at least, it used to be. But now we have to juggle the only times we can go away (when school and university holidays coincide, which is not always) with the facts I want to go to summer school, that this is 'our year' for going to Ireland in the summer (we do it alternate summers), that part of my work programme for the whole year is being set up soon and I have a new colleague with school age kids (= competition for prime holiday dates), decisions had to be made. So this morning I emailed my boss and booked holidays in May (half term), July (summer school + ireland) and October (post-exam holiday).1

My gran died last year, and left a small amount of money for each of her many grandchildren. We decided to spend ours on a really nice holiday, so we've booked a log cabin in a forest in Scotland. I booked that this morning, too.

OK now I'm off back to re-GTD-ing my office. I've thrown out or filed lots of piles of paper, now I have to crank through the paper I've kept.

1. I realise that if you are American this seems like a lot. Actually I get 6 weeks (ie 30 days if I was full time) paid holidays (vacation) a year, plus 8 days bank holidays. This is generous by UK standards but not unusually so.

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