Monday, January 07, 2008

one week in ...

... and I have so far not eaten any pringles at all, let alone for breakfast. All hail Alpen (no added sugar version natch). And and and we have been doing that "getting out in the fresh air" thingmy, variously been to Alderley Edge, Staithes and Teesdale so far this year (combined with visiting far-flung friends). Not walked far at any location but at least it got Owen away from his new Nintendo DS (alright I admit it, it got me away from it too. I am hooked on Zelda and the Phantom Hour Glass. Knitting productivity is suffering).

Oh and of course we saw lovely rocks at these locations, and as there have been insufficient cephalopods lately, here's a belemnite from Staithes (pound coin for scale):

belemnite fossil

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Jude said...

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