Wednesday, January 16, 2008

if only ....


Last night I watched Michael who cares, he's still a tory Portillo (and yes since you ask, I was still up) being hung in efigy, gassed and nearly asphyxiated. Unfortunately some Hollander saved him from death at the last minute. Actually it was a horrible programme, as Portillo tried to justify his belief in the humane application of the death penalty by investigating the ideal way to kill someone (hypoxia by nitrogen inhalation, it turns out). Still, I did like the bit where the smug bastard told a US death penalty advocate about his wizard wheeze and was a bit taken aback as this man made Portillo look like a wet librul gruaniad reader by explaining that any death penalty method that was painless was pointless. I hate Portillo. He is the epitome of smug tory bastardness. I once went to Halloween Party dressed as him, as he was the scariest most evil thing I could think of.

In other news, I have still been eating breakfast hurrah and will be facing The Scales tomorrow eek.

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