Monday, January 31, 2005

ooh that's a good idea

copying Mr Grumblemag (again), I've started listing my 43 things I want to do, too. Although creating my 43 things list is defeating any attempts to acheive items 1 & 2.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

rip it up and start again

Friday was an extraordinarily bad day. A Bad Thing happened in the morning, sending me straight to the Asda snack aisle. We went out for a curry in the evening, and I threw all caution to the winds. My only concession to d**ts was drinking diet coke instead of sweet lassi. In the end, I estimate I consumed nearly 4 days' worth of points in one day. Bggrit.

There is no way I can make up up for that by saving a few points here and there but hey ho, what's done is done and all that. At least I have not let that one bad day be an excuse to give it all up and stuff my face for the whole weekend - I even turned down an invite to go for another curry on Saturday. 23.5 points yesterday and 19 today (probably a few more to add there, with a glass of wine later).

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Bad: having to pair up at bellydancing with tall willowy teeny chested woman, to do a face to face dance involving lots of upper chest action. Poor woman was terrified I was going to knock her out with my 'ample charms'.

Good: belly dancing earns me enough extra points for a couple of glasses of cava. Which I'm going to need to celebrate, cos R got that job after all! Hurrah.

today's numbers:
points allowance ~ 32.5 (25/7.5); points used ~ 33.5 (+1); exercise ~ belly dancing ; water ~ 500 ml ; booze ~ 2 glasses cava

never forget

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a socialist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me—
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Only after writing about Primo Levi just now, did I remember that today is Holocaust Memorial Day, and the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

An Italian Jew, Primo Levi was captured trying to join the Resistance in 1944 and sent to Auschwitz. The short stories in The Periodic Table are mainly about his life before and after Auschwitz, while his other writings address this in more detail.

my next reading list

a list of ten essential science books in the gruaniad today. I've read 3 of them. I urge everyone to read The Periodic Table by Primo Levi. It is a deeply beautiful and moving book.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

it's that time again

Weigh in day, and I lost 1 lb. I'm quite pleased with that. Although I did generally make reasonable food choices while I was in London, one evening there was too much wine and crisps and chocolate. But I did walk over 8 miles the next day, which must've burnt off a couple of pringles at least.

today's numbers:
points allowance ~ 28(25/3); points used ~26 (-1); exercise ~ 2 x 20 mins walking; water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 1 small aquavit

that was the easy part

To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I've done it a thousand times.

I've been thinking a lot about decisions lately.

“I’m going to stop smoking”. “I’m going on a diet”. Taking the big decision is easy. The hard part is to take all the little decisions that make it happen, time after time, day after day. The decision not to go out and buy some cigarettes, the decision to not eat that bar of chocolate, to walk for 20 minutes instead of taking the car, to weigh your pasta, to drink some water, to not eat the instant you feel 'hungry' – dozens of tiny decisions to be taken again and again.

Making the changes, consciously making all those decisions every day, gets tiring and draining and feels like it’s grinding you down sometimes. It makes living your life feel such an effort some days.

But. After a while, if you keep taking those conscious decisions, they become your new habits. I no longer have to constantly decide not to smoke. Not smoking is now just what I do, it’s who I am. There are still moments when I have to decide not to smoke, but they are few and far between and the decision is no longer a hard one to make.

So. I am guessing, hoping, that it’s like that with changing my eating habits. Right now, some days, it feels like too much trouble. One more thing I have to deal with and work on, one more thing I have to do. But if I keep on doing it, it will become part of me, and I will perhaps even reach the mythical state of Thinking Like A Slim Person.

A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, but it continues with the decision to keep on putting foot in front of foot, taken over and over again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

girl about town

Just got back from That London. Yesterday was all work work work blah but today was all mine. Mr Grumblemag took me to a crypt for a gorgeous veggie lunch. Then off to meet my mum in the V&A, and look at a fraction of all of the things they have. When we got all art-ed out, we found somewhere to eat then headed over to the Mall Galleries for the private view of the show C is exhibiting in. Couple of glasses of chardonnay there, before getting the train home.

A lovely time had by all, and I am very proud of my mum for going to London on her own for the first time ever, managing the tube and everything without panicking. And she's signed up for computer classes at the local library. Go Mum!

Not all good tho, R didnt' get that job. Boo.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Off to That London for a couple of days. Not feeling wholly confident that the eating plan will hold up under the eating out and boozing opportunities that will be on offer. Am already 5 points over for the week. I will at least do my best to get more exercise while I'm there, walking instead of tubing when possible.

See you all when I get back xxx

PS keep things crossed on Tuesday morning, that's when R has his job interview. It's a part-time temporary post, but it would be good experience for him and also a boost to his confidence in his new career.

stamping my feet

I want my msn! why is msn broked why why why? Bggr.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

the 21st century returns

Hurray the elektrickery is back. Hurrah for tv and radio and stereos and puters.

R is very happy. Because he has a job interview next week, and his only suit is at least 10 years old (and looks it), he went out and bought a new one today. He is v pleased because he got into a size smaller trousers than expected. When I was on a d**t last year, he lost about a stone too. And he has kept his off. B@st@rd.

Was meant to be going to another party tonight but couldn't face it. R & O have gone, bearing gifts and my excuses. I'm staying to have a nice bath, watch some tv and have an early night.

yesterday's numbers:
points allowance ~ 26.5 (25/1.5); points used ~ 35.5 (+9); exercise ~ 30 mins walking; water ~ 0; booze ~ lots

today's numbers (provisional):
points allowance ~ 26 (25/1); points used ~ 24 (-1)
exercise ~ 20 mins walking; water ~ 0; booze ~ 1 aquavit

umm ...

according to the bbc "Mobiles get set for visual radio". i thought we had visual radio already? It has a snappier name, too. TV. Maybe I shouldn't read the news and post on my blog when I get in from drinking my whole week's excercise points?

Friday, January 21, 2005


noooo tomorrow they are taking our electricity away all day. No computer all day. No tv. Forced to interact with family. waaaaah.

No update post yet, points consumption for day not yet finished. R and I are taking it in turns to go to neighbour's party - he's there now, I'll go when he gets back.

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday night/Saturday day. Fingers crossed they give us our leccie back tomorrow night ...

As'salam alaikum

Greetings to those celebrating Eid ul Adha today.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

today's numbers ...

points allowance ~ 32.5 (25/7.5); points used ~ 26.5 (-6); exercise ~ belly dancing; water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 1 small aquavit [1]

[1] gift from visiting Norwegians who came for the wedding I was too ill to go to

feeling smug

I don't know if anyone will ever actually get round to banning junk food adverts for kids. They should be banned, obv, but it's not just about the adverts. Watching a McD's ad on kids tv, O just told a friend that "we don't go to McDs, we don't like it". Good boy! Extra corn on the cob for tea as a reward.

little scrotey b@st@rds

outside the post office, on a main road, in broad daylight, a gang of half a dozen or so of them trying to nick a bike. Fully equiped with tools etc. I shouted at them to leave the bike alone, they just laughed and said "not your bike is it, what's it to you?" but with more insults and swearing. They explained that anyway they weren't nicking it, just taking the saddle cos one of them wanted a new one. I wasn't going to take them on (gang of youths, metal tools, not good) but stood on the corner on the other side of the road shouting "leave the f*cking bike alone" periodically. It was our postie's official post office bike ffs! Eventually they did leave it alone and wandered off, presumably in search of another bike to cannibalise. Feckers. I can't believe they were so brazen about it, and I can't believe no-one else said anything. Grrrr. The joys of inner city living.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the results are in

I lost two and a half pounds this week. Hurrah. I'm off to have a Skinny Cow ice cream to celebrate.

One piece of bad news, tho. I've been counting my beloved Options drinks as half a point, turns out they are one point each. That's a lot of points error for a 3 cups a day girl.

edit: I forgot to add the weekly round up I meant to put in here

overall: pretty good for first week on new diet
weight: lost 2.5 lb hurrah
points allowed: total allowed (incl exercise points) = 27/day
points used: average 27/day
eating: lots of fruit & veg, v.g.
exercise: 4 times, 15.5 points worth
could do better?: make better lunch choices, exercise on more days (only exercised on 2 days last week)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

back from babysitting

quick numbers post before going to sleep. I needed early tonight tonight, flippin restless legs wouldn't let me sleep last night, but I said ages ago I'd babysit tonight boo. Foodwise today went OK, I would've been almost in my points if I hadn't had a snack-attack and eaten 2 packets of thai bites.

today's numbers:
points allowance ~ 25 (25/0); points used ~ 28 (+3); exercise ~ 0; water ~ 750 ml; booze ~ 1 largish whisky

Thanks to everyone who commented on 'cross' post. Weigh in tomorrow, keep things crossed.


according to my bathroom scales, I have not lost any weight. Not a single solitary measley little pound. Feck. Feck feck feckity feck. I know I've been eating over my points most days, but I'm eating much more sensibly and healthily, you'd think that'd be worth something. Arse.

yesterday's numbers:
points allowance ~ 31.5 (25/6.5); points used ~ 21.5 (-10); exercise ~ aquarobics (45 min), cycling (45 min); water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 0

Sunday, January 16, 2005

today's numbers

First time I have not eaten more than my basic points allowance for the day hurrah. Still over for the week so far though, boo. Must earn some exercise points tomorrow.

today's numbers:
points allowance ~ 25 (25/0); points used ~ 22.5 (-2.5)
exercise ~ 0; water ~ 750ml; booze ~ 0

yesterday and today

Spent much of yesterday in meetings boo but did at least get to pick the brains of the local techies in the brew/fag breaks, about my dvd burner installation plans (and also forewarn them to expect cries for help when/if it goes buggrup). Had a lovely night out last night. Went to our local cafe early evening for meal and drinks with friends and neighbours and kids, to say goodbye to someone who's moving out. I managed to make reasonable food choices and my points total was looking quite good. Until the second bottle of wine. And I probably shouldn't've had the bottle of raspberry beer, either. Judging by his hangover this morning, R should also not have gone back to friends' house later for beer and whisky.

I need to earn some exercise points. But instead am drinking tea and reading Observer Food Monthly. Special mention for Nigel's winter vegetarian recipes. We're gonna have his dhal and pumpkin soup (from the main magazine) for tea tonight. I fully expect O to loathe it on sight (can't trust most soups, you never know what suspicious things might be cunningly concealed in their depths), but he will be stuffed full of crisps and sugar from the party he's going to.

yesterday's numbers:
points allowance ~ 25 (25/0); points used ~ 29.5 (+4.5)
exercise ~ 0; water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 1 bottle wine, 1 raspberry lambic

Friday, January 14, 2005


I was doing OK, despite oversleeping and missing breakfast and eating a large lunch instead. I even resisted garlic bread. But then the pistachios happened. Now I have eaten all of yesterday's exercise points and have none left for eating out tomorrow night. Eek.

today's numbers:
points allowance ~ 25 (25/0); points used ~ 34.5 (+9.5)

exercise ~ 0; water ~ 750 ml; booze ~ 0


another one for Jude (this time because there's no comments on her blog boo also because it's a pet rant of mine hurrah). Oatcakes are good for you? Hmmm ...

They are made from oats, which are Good. They are also made from palm oil, which is Not So Good. It's high in saturated fat - nearly 50%. Take a look at the small print on the oatcakes packet. Oatcakes are 17.7% fat, of which 7.5% is saturated fat. Each little oatcake is worth one whole WW point.

I love oatcakes, they are completely delish. I just don't understand why they have to be made with tropical palm oil (hardly a traditional Scottish highland ingredient, after all). It may or may not be because it's cheap and helps products last a long time on the supermarket shelves.

Palm oil (more chemically similar to beef tallow than to traditional vegetable oils, and called by some "tree lard") is one of those ingredients that helps food manufaturers provide the western diet with cheap, calorie-dense foods. Greg Critser discusses its impact in Fat Land: How Americans became the fattest people in the world

You may also want to take care when buying cooking oils. After his heart attack, R saw a dietician and was advised to avoid those labelled just as 'vegetable oil'. They could include tropical oils such as palm, with a high saturated fat content. We always go for 'named' oils like sunflower. And olive (extra-virgin), natch.

A whole other issue is that there are concerns about the ecological impact of palm oil plantations

OK, end of rant.

more about the numbers

because I know Jude is curious. WW™ have changed their system recently, to this new fangled Switch™ programme. You can do NoCount™ or Full Choice™. Each week you decide which plan to do, you can change week by week.

On NoCount™ you eat 3 meals a day and can eat as much you like from a set list of foods, you can only snack on fruit or veg, and you have a small points allowance for 'extras' not on the food list. I think it's the same as or similar to the Core™ that all the US WW bloggers were talking about last year (but won't let me in with firefox so I can't check).

Full Choice™ is the normal WW programme, you have a daily points allowance and foods are given a points value, based on calories/fat/fibre content. Your daily points allowance varies depending on age, weight and occupation. I think it's the same as Flex Points in the USA (but can't check grr). You can eat what you want so long as you don't go over your daily points allowance, but obviously they encourage you to eat healthful stuff. My daily points are worth less than 4 mars bars boo

On both plans you can earn bonus points by doing exercise. How many points you earn depends on weight and how long and how hard you excercise for. WW intiates get a handy "Bonus Booster", a slide rule thingy to work out the points value of exercise done.
edit: you're only allowed to eat 12 bonus points a week

Fascinating, huh?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

doing the numbers

as requested by Jude:

today's numbers:
points allowed: 34 (25/9); used: 26.5 (-7.5)

exercise: walking (30 min), belly dancing (60 min)
water: 1l; booze: 0

I am doing the points couting (Full Choice™). I think the other one (NoCount™) is the same as the Core thingy WW™ introduced in the USA last year.


Yes we have no bananas: how am I supposed to start a d**t when my family get up before me and eat all the bananas? O has eaten all the cucumber, too. Bah.

Firefox: not sure I like it. OK so it's all safer and betterer than IE and everything, but I miss my google tool bar. And some websites don't work properly with it (eg some blogs comments won't work). I know this is all the fault of bad web designers who fail to make their sites accessible to everyone, and that we should be working to undermine the Evil Empire by using non-Microsoft products where possible. But I am finding Firefox irritating and might be going back to IE. Still, at least I got to write an 'irrate of Manchester' email to WW about their website not working in Firefox. Hah.

A beautiful song: Yemma by Souad Massi, from her album Deb. The whole album is beautiful but this song is particularly gorgeous.

OK now I'm off to walk to the greengrocers for more bananas.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I've been and gone and done it

I went to Fat Club the WW meeting as planned. It was a bit weird and felt a bit chaotic. But I think that had a lot to do with it being a new meeting, so everyone there was new this week or last. The Leader is nice, tho she seems inexperienced and (with my Professional Trainer hat on for a minute) she needs to work on her presentation and group management skills. But like I said she seems nice, she's young, she's lost over 4 stone (56 lb) on WW and best of all she's a vegetarian hurrah! so she won't be constantly extolling the joys of grilled fish.

Getting weighed wasn't bad at all, in the end (although queueing up for ages to get it done was a bore). I weighed the same as I did at home first thing this morning with no clotheses on gosh. Numbers will re-appear on the sidebar shortly.

I have been initiated into the mysteries of the new Switch™ system, and each week I have to chose between NoCount™ and Full Choice™. (There's a lot of ™ in the wonderful world of WW™ and lots of trying to sell you WW™ products).

Now I'm off for a nice bath and a read of my Switch™ handbook.

Other news: my mum has been on the internet less than a month and already she's googling for 'adult' content! She says she just wants to find out if the rumour at the post office about the health centre turning into a swingers club is true, but that's what they all say.

Other other news: I'm trying out this firefox browser (I'm such a l33t h4x0r) and now I can't read the WW™ website stoopid WW™.

tonight's the nigh

thanks to everyone who commented about going to WW. I've decided to go this evening, and feel encouraged by your words. I think I will find the accountability of going to a group will keep me on track and if I don't like everything that's said well, in the immortal words of as3, I can take what I need and leave the rest.

I also wanted to share this article from yesterday's paper on depression and anti-depressants. As he says
Taking antidepressants for anxiety or depression is no different from calling out a plumber to fix a leaky pipe

Some people feel that they somehow shouldn't be on a-ds and want to get off them as quickly as possible. For me, my a-ds are just like R's betablockers - something I need to take every day to keep me healthy. And that reminds me, must go take todays.

I'll report back about Fat Club later ...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I knew there was something else

Jude's comment reminded me of some more reservations I had about going to WW. Apart from the cost and the clash with aquarobics.

1) Being the fattest person there. I'm not actually sure why this matters. Sure there will be skinnies there desperate to lose a whole half a stone. But there'll be other big girls there too, won't there? Thing is, it's not like I'm going to be sitting there looking at anyone who happens to be bigger than me thinking 'omg what a fattie'. So why should I think they'd think that about me? I am paranoid that it will be all skinnies and me.

2) Getting weighed. Particularly getting weighed in the evening, with all my clothes on, I am bound to weigh heavier than 'normal'. Again, this is irrational. When you're my kind of weight, a few pounds here or there doesn't make much difference. It's the direction the scales head in, rather than the specific numbers, that matters.

Perhaps I am just scared of something new. Or scared of failing in such a public arena. Whatever, I'm going to go along tomorrow and see what happens. And bitch about the skinnies when I get back.
Spoke to my best friend C last night. She's been having angina-like symptoms for a while, but it's taken some time to get a proper diagnosis. After a series of test, they found she has furred up arteries. She's been given the advice you'd expect - told she has to lose weight, exercise more, eat better, stop smoking (she's a 'social' smoker yeah right) and cut down her salt (she does consume life threatening quantities of NaCl. She's the only person I've ever seen put salt on peanut butter).

So last night we were talking diets and eating habits. We have exactly the opposite eating problems. I can eat reasonably at meal times, it's the comfort-eating snack-attacks that pile on my pounds. C doesn't really snack much, instead she cannot leave the table at meal times until she is full to bursting - plus she takes the 'little of what you fancy' approach to her cooking, adding more cheese, salt, butter, cream, etc to dishes and finding it hard to go without dessert.

Anyways we both have to get serious about weight loss now. C because she already knows she has irreversible damage to her heart, now she's got to work on not making it worse and on getting healthier. Me because I hope I'm in time to make changes to avoid the worst health consequences of what I've done to my body over the years. I've made quite a lot of progress on that already, with stopping smoking and starting exercising. I need to remind myself of what I've achieved and that I have the ability to achieve more.

So, I've decided to try that WW meeting tomorrow night. Even if it does cost 5 quid and take place at the same time as aquarobics grrr.

Monday, January 10, 2005

is it a sign?

everywhere I've gone today, I've seen posters for a new WW meeting starting near me. I am deeply sceptical of the big business that is the slimming industry, including Fat Clubs. On the other hand, the only way I managed to stop smoking was by going to a support group. Maybe that's what I need to do to lose weight, too.

The meeting's on Wednesday evening. What should I do?

'OK Dad, now press esc'

Article about me and my folks on the BBC site. Although actually I am more likely to say "OK Dad, presss ALT + F4". Or "OK Mum, don't panic, you haven't broken it and Dad is not going to kill you when he gets home".

Thank the Lord Bill for System Restore, that's what I say. It's the perfect solution for when your dad bodges his way thro trying to do something, not asking for help along the way and pressing buttons pretty much at random, then rings you up because his computer now won't work properly.

Still not getting it

I just cannot get over my urge to turn to food when life gets even slightly stressful. Today I am supposed to be starting counting calories. Hah hah hah. Calories eaten so far = feckin loads. Feck.

At least I am doing OK getting back to exercising. Walked this morning after taking O to school. Having a dilema about this evening, tho. If I go to aquarobics, I'll miss the first half of Celeb Big Brother. Hmm. I could go and come home early.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

leaving on a jet plane

some airbusesbye bye lovely Trin. Have fun and don't worry about the plane trip. I know a very nice man who works for Airbus and he says they are jolly super top quality planes. Admittedly his job is to sell Airbuses, but as I say he is v. nice man and he wouldn't sell inferior quality planes.

So enjoy. Make the most of the fact that Disneyland Paris is the only one in the world where you can buy and drink booze. Also make the most of any babysitting opportunities that may occur (or that you can contrive - remember, strangers are just babysitters you haven't met yet). But remember, we don't wanna see your sexploits turning up on this page any time soon.

We'll keep the blog warm for you till you get back.

wimping out

Far to cold and wet and windy to do anything exercise-wise today. Couldn't even face a walk round the park. But am sure that lying on the sofa reading the gruaniad's guide to healthy living must have some positive effect. I felt much healthier after looking at all those nice photos of fruit & veg.

This afternoon we behaved like such middle class stereotypes it hurts. Went to the art gallery, then to the posey toyshop so O could spend his Xmas money [1], finishing up with having tea in the middle class McD's. Just shoot me now, before I get a job in marketing, rename my child Harry and move to Didsbury.

[1] Salty and Emily, since you ask. And sadly, since the ELC moved out of the city centre, D&T is the only source of O's fixes.

Friday, January 07, 2005

it was a dark and stormy night ...

... and all the lights have gone out in half of our building. So, if the leccie failure spreads over to our half I may be gone for some time.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

back to 'normal'

Christmas is officially Over. Last night we took down the decorations and took the tree back to the garden centre for recycling. Nearly all the Christmas food is gone (including that box of chocs). We're all back at school and work.

I weighed myself yesterday, and found that I weigh exactly the same as I did this time last year. Amazingly, this is the same as I weighed a month before Christmas. I can't quite believe I haven't put on at least half a stone over the holidays (although not eating for several days when I was ill probably helped).

This week I'm easing myself back into some healthier routines. Went to aquarobics last night, 20 mins walk this morning, belly dancing tonight. I'm working on eating sensibly (more fruit and water) and thinking about calorie counting from next week. Although tonight is a cava and pistachios occassion (start of Celebrity Big Brother).

Some highlights of our holidays (before I forget):
  • O opening his presents on Christmas morning, of course, and playing with his favourites. He loved all his presents from Santa (esp the chocolate orange), and we had to rebuild the railway track (dismantled on Xmas eve so Santa didn't trip over it) for his new Thomas to play on. The shredded cellophane packaging from my lovely big Lush package did excellent service as snow on Sodor.

  • We actually got some snow on Christmas! O had been desperate for snow, of course, but it hardly ever snows in Manchester. There were a couple of light flurries during the day and we thought that was it, but on Christmas night we got proper snow. So instead of spending Christmas night dozing on the sofa, we were out playing snowballs and building (very small) snowmen and watching tipsy neighbours making snow angels in the car park. The absolute top highlight of my Christmas was O playing in the snow singing "We wish you an irie Christmas and a dancehall new year". Trojan Xmas works its magic. Next year, I want him singing "Santa Claus Never Comes to the Ghetto" in the school concert.

  • O's top pressie was Thunderbirds DVD & playset (we didn't actually have a dvd player on Xmas day, but it turned out Santa had delivered it to my parents' house so we got it on Boxing Day. It also turned out Santa was feeling v. generous this year and brought us a recording dvd player wooo).

  • my parents bought themselves a computer for Christmas, so I spent a lot of the time we were at their house sorting it out and showing them how to work it. I am their Tech Support now, which I don't mind, in fact I quite enjoy that for once I have knowledge and skills that my father wants and needs. That's another way of saying that I feel smug that for once, I know more than him and he has to listen to me. Hah. I've waited 37 years for this kind of advantage, I'm not going to waste it.

Okies, time to do some work booooo

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

just thinking about it hurts

slow progress or no progress.

No exercise today or for the last 6 weeks (illness then crimbo). I forgot to weigh myself this morning. Although eating today so far has been v. good if you leave out the chocolates.

Tonight I will fix my bike while watching sleb fit club [1]. Tomorrow I will buy more fruit, I will eat more fruit (and not just bananas) and will go to aquarobics. Generally this week I will try to eat more 'sensibly' and next week I will start calorie counting.


I have this ludicrous idea to take up running at some point this year.

Ouch ouch.

And I have this horrible fear that I may have to join a Fat Club.

Ouch ouch ouch.

[1] oh that's another resolution that's already faltering. The one to spend less time staring at tv/computer screens. S'not my fault, Celebrity Big Brother starts this week. Yes I am weak but I am not alone.

how ...

... am I supposed to start a d**t when there's a box of Thorntons' continentals in the house?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New year, new ...

.... new start? new hope? new plan? new something, anyways. I am going to get the weight loss thing going again. Not today, though. Today and tomorrow and Monday are still holidays. When the world gets back to work on Tuesday, then I'll start.

I think I'm going to start small with small steps. I'll figure out what the first ones will be and start at them on the 4th.

Wishing everyone a joyful new year.