Sunday, January 16, 2005

yesterday and today

Spent much of yesterday in meetings boo but did at least get to pick the brains of the local techies in the brew/fag breaks, about my dvd burner installation plans (and also forewarn them to expect cries for help when/if it goes buggrup). Had a lovely night out last night. Went to our local cafe early evening for meal and drinks with friends and neighbours and kids, to say goodbye to someone who's moving out. I managed to make reasonable food choices and my points total was looking quite good. Until the second bottle of wine. And I probably shouldn't've had the bottle of raspberry beer, either. Judging by his hangover this morning, R should also not have gone back to friends' house later for beer and whisky.

I need to earn some exercise points. But instead am drinking tea and reading Observer Food Monthly. Special mention for Nigel's winter vegetarian recipes. We're gonna have his dhal and pumpkin soup (from the main magazine) for tea tonight. I fully expect O to loathe it on sight (can't trust most soups, you never know what suspicious things might be cunningly concealed in their depths), but he will be stuffed full of crisps and sugar from the party he's going to.

yesterday's numbers:
points allowance ~ 25 (25/0); points used ~ 29.5 (+4.5)
exercise ~ 0; water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 1 bottle wine, 1 raspberry lambic

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I want raspberry beer