Saturday, January 22, 2005

the 21st century returns

Hurray the elektrickery is back. Hurrah for tv and radio and stereos and puters.

R is very happy. Because he has a job interview next week, and his only suit is at least 10 years old (and looks it), he went out and bought a new one today. He is v pleased because he got into a size smaller trousers than expected. When I was on a d**t last year, he lost about a stone too. And he has kept his off. B@st@rd.

Was meant to be going to another party tonight but couldn't face it. R & O have gone, bearing gifts and my excuses. I'm staying to have a nice bath, watch some tv and have an early night.

yesterday's numbers:
points allowance ~ 26.5 (25/1.5); points used ~ 35.5 (+9); exercise ~ 30 mins walking; water ~ 0; booze ~ lots

today's numbers (provisional):
points allowance ~ 26 (25/1); points used ~ 24 (-1)
exercise ~ 20 mins walking; water ~ 0; booze ~ 1 aquavit

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