Monday, January 10, 2005

Still not getting it

I just cannot get over my urge to turn to food when life gets even slightly stressful. Today I am supposed to be starting counting calories. Hah hah hah. Calories eaten so far = feckin loads. Feck.

At least I am doing OK getting back to exercising. Walked this morning after taking O to school. Having a dilema about this evening, tho. If I go to aquarobics, I'll miss the first half of Celeb Big Brother. Hmm. I could go and come home early.


Jude said...

ohhmygawd you gonna miss the ex mother in law/someone else not as good arriving

clarrie said...

ah but my theory is, they won't put new person in house till right at the end of hte show, so I won't miss it. I hope not. Cos I can't even record it, I'll have the dvd set for Tribe on Beeb 2. Waaah.