Saturday, January 08, 2005

wimping out

Far to cold and wet and windy to do anything exercise-wise today. Couldn't even face a walk round the park. But am sure that lying on the sofa reading the gruaniad's guide to healthy living must have some positive effect. I felt much healthier after looking at all those nice photos of fruit & veg.

This afternoon we behaved like such middle class stereotypes it hurts. Went to the art gallery, then to the posey toyshop so O could spend his Xmas money [1], finishing up with having tea in the middle class McD's. Just shoot me now, before I get a job in marketing, rename my child Harry and move to Didsbury.

[1] Salty and Emily, since you ask. And sadly, since the ELC moved out of the city centre, D&T is the only source of O's fixes.

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