Thursday, January 20, 2005

little scrotey b@st@rds

outside the post office, on a main road, in broad daylight, a gang of half a dozen or so of them trying to nick a bike. Fully equiped with tools etc. I shouted at them to leave the bike alone, they just laughed and said "not your bike is it, what's it to you?" but with more insults and swearing. They explained that anyway they weren't nicking it, just taking the saddle cos one of them wanted a new one. I wasn't going to take them on (gang of youths, metal tools, not good) but stood on the corner on the other side of the road shouting "leave the f*cking bike alone" periodically. It was our postie's official post office bike ffs! Eventually they did leave it alone and wandered off, presumably in search of another bike to cannibalise. Feckers. I can't believe they were so brazen about it, and I can't believe no-one else said anything. Grrrr. The joys of inner city living.


Jude said...

I blame blazin squad FOR EVERYTHING.

clarrie said...

hah me too