Tuesday, January 25, 2005

girl about town

Just got back from That London. Yesterday was all work work work blah but today was all mine. Mr Grumblemag took me to a crypt for a gorgeous veggie lunch. Then off to meet my mum in the V&A, and look at a fraction of all of the things they have. When we got all art-ed out, we found somewhere to eat then headed over to the Mall Galleries for the private view of the show C is exhibiting in. Couple of glasses of chardonnay there, before getting the train home.

A lovely time had by all, and I am very proud of my mum for going to London on her own for the first time ever, managing the tube and everything without panicking. And she's signed up for computer classes at the local library. Go Mum!

Not all good tho, R didnt' get that job. Boo.


Jude said...

Swanky London poshness. OOH.

Nev mind Mr Claz you're too good for them I'm sure.

Trinity said...

bad ppl not giving my R the job. I'll employ him.

Stephen said...

Grrrr at bad people not recognising talent when they see it. Glad you got home OK