Thursday, January 13, 2005


Yes we have no bananas: how am I supposed to start a d**t when my family get up before me and eat all the bananas? O has eaten all the cucumber, too. Bah.

Firefox: not sure I like it. OK so it's all safer and betterer than IE and everything, but I miss my google tool bar. And some websites don't work properly with it (eg some blogs comments won't work). I know this is all the fault of bad web designers who fail to make their sites accessible to everyone, and that we should be working to undermine the Evil Empire by using non-Microsoft products where possible. But I am finding Firefox irritating and might be going back to IE. Still, at least I got to write an 'irrate of Manchester' email to WW about their website not working in Firefox. Hah.

A beautiful song: Yemma by Souad Massi, from her album Deb. The whole album is beautiful but this song is particularly gorgeous.

OK now I'm off to walk to the greengrocers for more bananas.


Stephen said...

Re Firefox and the Google toolbar: try this

clarrie said...

that link takes me to paypal?

Stephen said...

Er, OK - try this:, go to this page and follow the Google Toolber link.

Stephen said...

I give up. It was there this morning, now it's gone.

Jude said...

Are you counting or no counting today I demand to know.