Friday, January 14, 2005

more about the numbers

because I know Jude is curious. WW™ have changed their system recently, to this new fangled Switch™ programme. You can do NoCount™ or Full Choice™. Each week you decide which plan to do, you can change week by week.

On NoCount™ you eat 3 meals a day and can eat as much you like from a set list of foods, you can only snack on fruit or veg, and you have a small points allowance for 'extras' not on the food list. I think it's the same as or similar to the Core™ that all the US WW bloggers were talking about last year (but won't let me in with firefox so I can't check).

Full Choice™ is the normal WW programme, you have a daily points allowance and foods are given a points value, based on calories/fat/fibre content. Your daily points allowance varies depending on age, weight and occupation. I think it's the same as Flex Points in the USA (but can't check grr). You can eat what you want so long as you don't go over your daily points allowance, but obviously they encourage you to eat healthful stuff. My daily points are worth less than 4 mars bars boo

On both plans you can earn bonus points by doing exercise. How many points you earn depends on weight and how long and how hard you excercise for. WW intiates get a handy "Bonus Booster", a slide rule thingy to work out the points value of exercise done.
edit: you're only allowed to eat 12 bonus points a week

Fascinating, huh?

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Jude said...

my oatcakes are 0.4 sat fat per oatcake and 4.1 per 100g