Sunday, January 30, 2005

rip it up and start again

Friday was an extraordinarily bad day. A Bad Thing happened in the morning, sending me straight to the Asda snack aisle. We went out for a curry in the evening, and I threw all caution to the winds. My only concession to d**ts was drinking diet coke instead of sweet lassi. In the end, I estimate I consumed nearly 4 days' worth of points in one day. Bggrit.

There is no way I can make up up for that by saving a few points here and there but hey ho, what's done is done and all that. At least I have not let that one bad day be an excuse to give it all up and stuff my face for the whole weekend - I even turned down an invite to go for another curry on Saturday. 23.5 points yesterday and 19 today (probably a few more to add there, with a glass of wine later).

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Jude said...

Bad things happening are bad.

At fat club you will hopefully hear lots of people saying just how many points they had in one day so you not alone.

clarrie said...

somone at on-line fat club (WW Boards) told me she ate over 100 points in one day once, that cheered me up. I must be careful not to think there is a 'who can eat the most points in one day' competition going on, tho