Thursday, January 13, 2005

doing the numbers

as requested by Jude:

today's numbers:
points allowed: 34 (25/9); used: 26.5 (-7.5)

exercise: walking (30 min), belly dancing (60 min)
water: 1l; booze: 0

I am doing the points couting (Full Choice™). I think the other one (NoCount™) is the same as the Core thingy WW™ introduced in the USA last year.


Jude said...

how come you allowed 34? has it changed? are the extra exercise ones?

Anonymous said...

made it through day one alive! good on ya :)

clarrie said...

Jude, yes the extras are excercise ones. My basic points allowance is 25, and I earned 9 bonus points yesterday hurrah.

Anonymous said...

I think you can only have 4 extra points from exercise a day unless they changed it in the big change.

Jude said...

that was meeeeeeee

M@rla said...

Off to a great start! Let us know all about it if you try the NoCount version.

I wonder why there are different names for programs in UK and USA. Does "core" have some bad connotation to you wacky Brits? I know that "NoCount" makes me think "No-Account", a colloquialism we don't use much (except in the South) but everyone recognizes as meaning "worthless."