Tuesday, January 18, 2005


according to my bathroom scales, I have not lost any weight. Not a single solitary measley little pound. Feck. Feck feck feckity feck. I know I've been eating over my points most days, but I'm eating much more sensibly and healthily, you'd think that'd be worth something. Arse.

yesterday's numbers:
points allowance ~ 31.5 (25/6.5); points used ~ 21.5 (-10); exercise ~ aquarobics (45 min), cycling (45 min); water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 0


Jude said...

you doing great ignore evil scales

Anonymous said...

Stupid scale >:( Just ignore it for a bit and keep at it (I know..it's so much easier said than done)!

M@rla said...

Don't look at the scale! It's too soon! Scales are evil lying bastards. Feck the scale!

And thanks for "feck feck feckity feck". Do you mind if I use it?

Feck! Feck! Drrrrrink! Girrrllls!

Trinity said...

I hate scales. Yours are 1/2 stone heavier than mine. Come and weigh here.