Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I've been and gone and done it

I went to Fat Club the WW meeting as planned. It was a bit weird and felt a bit chaotic. But I think that had a lot to do with it being a new meeting, so everyone there was new this week or last. The Leader is nice, tho she seems inexperienced and (with my Professional Trainer hat on for a minute) she needs to work on her presentation and group management skills. But like I said she seems nice, she's young, she's lost over 4 stone (56 lb) on WW and best of all she's a vegetarian hurrah! so she won't be constantly extolling the joys of grilled fish.

Getting weighed wasn't bad at all, in the end (although queueing up for ages to get it done was a bore). I weighed the same as I did at home first thing this morning with no clotheses on gosh. Numbers will re-appear on the sidebar shortly.

I have been initiated into the mysteries of the new Switch™ system, and each week I have to chose between NoCount™ and Full Choice™. (There's a lot of ™ in the wonderful world of WW™ and lots of trying to sell you WW™ products).

Now I'm off for a nice bath and a read of my Switch™ handbook.

Other news: my mum has been on the internet less than a month and already she's googling for 'adult' content! She says she just wants to find out if the rumour at the post office about the health centre turning into a swingers club is true, but that's what they all say.

Other other news: I'm trying out this firefox browser (I'm such a l33t h4x0r) and now I can't read the WW™ website stoopid WW™.


Jude said...

HURRAH. Lucky cow can't believe you weighed the same as home haha (grr) I tried firefox over xmas then got bored.

Terry said...

Your blog is fun to read and inspiring. I'll pass on your info about quitting smoking to my friend who's tried to at least 20 times. Thanks.

Snugglia said...

No Count and Full Choice? Crikey, Switch sounds complicated compared to how it was when I went! Good Luck with it!

M@rla said...

Good for you! It takes a lot of patience to get through these group activities, but I think you will get a lot out of it by and by. Though I don't do WW, I read their website once in a while, even the goofy Success Stories. To me it's the same as quitting smoking - I had to look for and accept help wherever I could get it, no matter how silly it seemed. You have to give up a little dignity, I think, and let the program take charge for a while.

I think 2005 will be a great year for us, many pounds lost!