Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the results are in

I lost two and a half pounds this week. Hurrah. I'm off to have a Skinny Cow ice cream to celebrate.

One piece of bad news, tho. I've been counting my beloved Options drinks as half a point, turns out they are one point each. That's a lot of points error for a 3 cups a day girl.

edit: I forgot to add the weekly round up I meant to put in here

overall: pretty good for first week on new diet
weight: lost 2.5 lb hurrah
points allowed: total allowed (incl exercise points) = 27/day
points used: average 27/day
eating: lots of fruit & veg, v.g.
exercise: 4 times, 15.5 points worth
could do better?: make better lunch choices, exercise on more days (only exercised on 2 days last week)


Jude said...

yay well done claz

M@rla said...

2.5 pounds! Good job!

Jude said...

shoulda asked me about options i have last yrs shopping guide and options are 1 or 1.5