Monday, December 06, 2004

how to lose 10 lb in a long weekend

Thursday: contract new and interesting virus (could be an addition to, or mutation of, pre-existing cold virus)

Thursday night: throw up repeatedly

Friday: glands swell to ludicrous size, throat constricts in protest and stops working. Ingest nothing but co-codamol and occasional sips of ribena light, and even getting them down hurts like hell. Stay in bed all day.

Saturday: as Friday. Also, do not attend wedding you have been looking forward to for weeks and so do not consume masses of food & drink calories.

Sunday: manage to nibble on a piece of toast and drink warm tea, feeling like a Victorian consumptive (no lacey nightgown, but plenty of coughing up crap).

Monday: feel hungry for first time in 4 days, eat piece of toast, feel full. Worry that I am addicted to warm ribena. I might go mad and have another whole piece of toast later. With peanut butter. Wooo. Seen doctor and got some antibiotics, so now I have thrush to look foward to too, wooo.


Jude said...

poor claz

Sarah said...

Oh, Clarrie, I'm so sorry to hear this! You poor sweetheart.....I hope you feel better very soon. Terrible news indeed.

On the other hand, congratulations on your loss!

Shauny said...

oh shiiiite! that's rotten. hope you're on the mend soon!!!

Beckie said...

Poor Sausage...

Sickness is never a nice way to lose weight.

I hope you feel on top of the world soon. :)

Trinity said...

I spoke to Clazza...she's still poorly but getting better...she didnt mention thrush (phew lol) she'll be back when she's 100% bless her...we miss you clazza! xx