Wednesday, December 15, 2004

white christmas?

I remember reading, years ago, an article by a Black British woman recalling how in the school nativity play she was never chosen to play Mary. Mary was never played by anyone who looked like her. The part always went to the blondest girl, the part of the angels to other blonde girls, and so on.

Today was O's school nativity play, and it was a joyously diverse production. Mary Black Madonna & Childwas played by a Black African girl, and Joseph by a white boy, and yes the Baby Jesus was played by a suitably mixed race baby doll. The choir of angels were an adorable line of girls of every colour, dressed in the traditional tinsel, and the three kings came from England, Korea and Somalia. The shepherds, their sheep, and the supporting cast reflected the diversity of our local communities. Poor O didn't have a costume part (he was off ill during casting and rehersals) and was in the 'choir' with the other non-actors, and they all sang their hearts out.

If you believe the Daily Mail, white, 'educated' parents like us are meant to fight tooth and nail so our kids don't have to go to inner-city primary schools like ours, where white kids are in a minority. Me, I'm pleased my son is growing up surrounded by all sorts of different people, from different countries and cultures.


Trinity said...

aww wish I'd been there. Was B an angel?

clarrie said...

lol however did you guess?