Monday, December 13, 2004

I nearly forgot

what with being poorly and all, I forgot to mention that R has had his viva and so he is, more or less, now a Doctor! Yay! He has to rewrite a couple of sections but that's not a problem. So he'll be donning the red gown and special bonnet in the summer. And then for his graduation ceremony, he'll really dress up. Ho Ho.

Academic dress-related asides: I was trying to find a picture of the robes to show you, and came across The Burgon Society "Founded to promote the study of Academical Dress". I know that some academics go in for twitcher-like robe-spotting at graduation ceremonies, but I didn't know they'd formed a society.

The most impressive robes I ever saw were worn by the Dean of Something-or-Other at R's MA degree ceremony. He had an honorary degree from the University of Ulan Bator, which entitled him to wear Mongolian-style bright red and blue felt robes with gold trim and a fantastic pointed conical hat. It wasn't exactly like the men pictured on this page, but it gives you an idea. If I was entitled to wear Mongolian robes, I'd wear them every day even to pop to Asda (although apparently, being made for Mongolian conditions, one does get rather hot in them).

I think I'll try for a set of these first, before aiming for the Ulan Batorean look. I've registered for science 101 with the OU, starting in February. So between now and then I have to become super organized and efficient, and learn how to spend less time on line and more time in productive pursuits. No problems there, then :hollow laffter:


Jude said...

a dr that mean you will be all rich and able to buy us all STUFF woo hoo

Jude said...

£475!!!! you spent all the money alreadyyyyyy

clarrie said...

hah no, i have cunningly written them a begging letter, pleading poverty, so I can keep the £475 to spend on shiny things hurrah