Friday, December 17, 2004

today I saw

In town today, I saw a woman not much older than me (maybe 10 years or so) getting out of a taxi. She was very, very fat, and had those really painful looking swollen legs and ankles. Her mobility was obviously really restricted. And I don't want that to be me in 10 years time, or even 20 or 30 or 40 years. I'm getting part of the equation right with getting more exercise into my life. I need to start working back on the other part, the eating, too. I haven't forgotten about it. I'm working on working up to working on it again, if you see what I mean.

Other news: I was in town getting some Christmas shopping. Every year I tell myself to be organised and get my shopping done well in advance. Never happens. This year, tho, it's not entirely my fault. It's a combination of being ill and the fact that my wages payments for this month got fecked up, so we haven't had the time or the money until now. Ah well. At least I got nearly all of O's presents. Look away now if you are not completely fascinated by what small boy is getting from Santa ....

Mighty Movers Crane & Bulldozer setMighty Movers - remote controlled crane and bulldozer thingummy. Major panic when Argos was sold out of them, forced to go to the posh and expensive toy shop and buy one that cost more (and I was lucky there, cos they only had 2 left)

Buzz LightyearTo infinity and beyond. I got this weeks ago, after last year's Woody traumas. (All he wanted for Xmas was a Woody doll, couldn't get one anywhere, luckily my mum tracked one down in Scotland).

RobodocRobodoc. I think it's like Operation but with a robot. or something.

how much? for a piece of wood? wtf?brio part no. 33370. Will enable trains to go under the swing bridge. Hurrah.

Sparks Racera sparks racer. it makes sparks when it races. it's cheap in asda. yay

tube of sea creatures Ocean Toob. Featuring 3 different kinds of sharks and several species of whale, plus assorted other denizens of the deep.

colouring pencilssome colouring pencils

still to get

Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas or James. James or Thomas. James the Red Engine Who knows? Decisions decisions. He has a Thomas, but it's broked and its face fell off awww.

chocolate orange The chocolate orange. V. important, he mentions it every day.

Thomas AnnualPower Rangers Annualan annual. Opinion is divided on whether this should be Thomas annual, Power Rangers Ninja Storm annual, or Other annual

omg my child is spoilt. look at all this stuff.


Jude said...

And I thought you were a sensible book and satsuma Mother look at all those toys!

Fat women getting out of taxi was it meeeeeee?

clarrie said...

no, cos she was OLD not young and bootiful like you