Tuesday, August 16, 2005

my baby takes the morning plane

Up early yesterday to take R to the airport, for his flight to Brazil. It was a hell of a long trip - 17 hours with 2 changes - he probably worked his way through all of the new sudoku puzzle book I gave him for the trip on the way. But he got there safely in the end - we had a quick email from him this morning.

So O and I are on our own for a week. I'm trying to work and study and get stuff ready for our holiday next week and feed O and all that stuff. I have no idea how people manage who have to be parents on their own all day every day for ever. The thought of doing if for longer than a week scares me. Respect to single parents everywhere!

O informed me today that he is a 'dude'. I can't join his dude gang. To be a dude you have to wear shades, like rock 'n' roll music, be a daredevil and be a boy.

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