Thursday, November 17, 2005

acceptable face of capitalism

mojo baseball bootsI am supposed to have 0 money. I do have some money but the Inland Revenue quite unreasonably expect me to give it to them soon. Bah. So I'm not supposed to be spending anything (much). Plus I'm up to here with rampant consumerism and there's still 6 weeks to go till Xmas. But today I had an anti-consumerist shopping spree. Went to The Basement for vegan-but-nice lunch and while I was there, got myself some fair trade footwear. Then on to Oxfam books and another few quid spent on lovely lovely books mmmmm books hurrah.

Haven't told Trin yet that it's Buy Nothing Day next Saturday!

Here is an extract Jack and the Bean Stalk by O:

The beans grew and grew. Jack was shocked.


Jude said...

I only have pay pal money. Can I buy a train ticket with that?

clarrie said...

yes, Mr Branson is v. nice man, he sell you train ticket for paypay buttons, you come and play in Manc with us hurah

Trinity said...

yes jude come play.
Jack shocks easily