Sunday, December 04, 2005

owl cat

I may have mentioned how much I hate my menstrual cycle. Now my PMS has come back with a vengeance, and I have spent much of the past week as an utter loon. How can it be fair that I have to have this on top of already being a nutcase? Not feckin fare. Nor is it fare that my already vast body feels like it is swollen to twice normal size at the same time. Life's a bitch and then you die, eh girls?

Add to that crap eating and no excercise and you have a recipe for me feeling at my worst. I am not eating anything approaching normally. I am working on eating 3 meals a day, with the content of those meals a secondary consideration, but even that is eluding me most days. Tomorrow morning I will eat a normal breakfast. Not much of an aim but a start.

Oh and I'm always tired, and have light headed spells, despite going to bed early most nights. Bah.

Other stuff:
owl cat
We had fab time when Trin visited, her and her girls are stars. O is in love with Danz all over again.

O is arty as an arty thing right now, drawing all the time. An owl cat is but one of his latest creations.

Went to belly dance party and bought myself the most gorgeous coin belt. It was money I shouldn't've spent this close to Christmas, but I couldn't resist. It's my favourite colours (purple) with masses of silver coins, and is heavy, and makes a lovely sound.

Am still doing maths for loonies, currently on Fun With Triangles wooo.

Will blog more soon.


Trinity said...

we want to see gel pen pictures.

xoggoth said...

Fat is bad??? If a lady's bum ain't visible from space it ain't worth lookin' at.