Sunday, February 26, 2006

happy christmas

Last night we went to a Christmas party. My neighbour L hasn't seen her son since November. Her ex (who has residence) decided she wanted to play happy families with her new partner, so she moved 25 miles away and wouldn't let L see their son anymore - and they used to have shared care! It had to go to court but at last L has a court order giving her contact, starting this weekend. Because she didn't see her son at Christmas she decided to do Christmas now, to give him him his pressies and see his friends and family. It was one of the best Christmas parties I've been to. Why the feck do some people use their kids like that?

It's been half-term this week so we have been busy busy busy. This week O has been ice-skating, swimming 3 times, to the park twice, to the museum, to the cinema, to Pizza Hut and had two sleep-overs. Back to school and back to normal next week.

As it's just been Xmas I will make a new resolution - be a better blogger x


Trinity said...

did you get my card?xx

Sarah said...

Happy Christmas to you too, lovely Clazza. Don't you just love the joy of the season?

Hey, my beloved has been smoke-free for about 9 months now! Thanks so much for all of your help before. :)

Trinity said...

now what happened to the 'be a better blogger?' hmm?