Wednesday, December 05, 2007

an xmas-makes update

  • ammonite for T done
  • hat for sis boyf done
  • socks for mum done
  • golf club covers for dad (not actually sure about this one, dad is incredibly fussy and not sure if he'd use them) idea abandoned, bought him a book instead
  • socks for E (on the needles, 1 finished 1 to go)
  • dalek for O (all the crochet is finished, I just have to do some modifications to incorporate a dalek sound maker before stuffing it)
  • hat for R (on the needles, to be knit in seekrit when on train trips etc) I finished this but then fecked it up trying to attach iron-on reflective tape, will try and rescue another time, but for Xmas am now making:
  • socks for R (on the needles, 1 finished 1 to go)
  • felted tea cozies for various peeps (2 made and awaiting felting, more to make if time) abandoned in favour of
  • cashmerino scarves for various friends all made but need blocking, if I can find time and space
  • hat for C (to match her scarf)
  • socks and hat for sis (done, actually I redid the hat as I wasn't happy with the chunky yarn, and redid it in cashmerino. Yes I am in love with cashmerino, a very high maintenance passion)
The Great Anniversary Impasse has not yet been resolved.

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