Sunday, January 15, 2006

lycra & sadness

First real bike ride in ages today, and it wasn't very long. 10 mile round trip to visit CB, whose bad knee is still stopping her cycling. Wore a black armband in memory of the four North Wales cyclists killed while out on a club ride last week.

Have started back at FatClub - going to a different meeting as my last leader was pretty bobbins really. I hate having to go to FatClub (and pay for it!) but I think it's the only way I can keep focussed on weight loss. My stats might make a reappearance in the side bar soon, also I need to spring clean my blog roll.


M@rla said...

Until I clicked on that link, I thought there really was something in the UK called "Fat Club." And I'm like, how typically British! [giant sucking sound of head being pulled out of ass]

Jude said...

Hee hee