Tuesday, May 23, 2006

gratuitious random rant

I hate stoopid feckin hippies with their soya milk and their non-functioning tvs and their dirty messy vile white 'dreads' and/or asymetric hair-don'ts and their meals of vegan slops and their utterly self-centre self-obsessed 'hey let's not get heavy' world view which causes them to take no concern for or responsibility for the impact of their actions on others.

Thank you for listening.


Jude said...


clarrie said...

oh and did I mention how they censor your perfect reasonable (no swearing) but critical message off of their feckin email list? Feckers.

clarrie said...

and their samba drumming, I hate that too. Just cos I share (some of) their politics doens't mean I share your shit musical taste. Now take your drums and your ambient soundsystem away.