Friday, May 05, 2006

oooh I'm so 'cited

I've been thinking for a while that I must enter the century of the fruitbat and get one of these newfangled mp3 players, and almost bought an el cheapo one t'other day. Now some kind person has given me some £££ which they insist I spend upon myself and their £££ together with my existing ££ may add up to ipod £££ whoo. I'm thinking of getting a 4gb ipod nano. Anyone got one, are they as good as the hype? Or should I maybe go for a non-appley one? Even tho they look so kewl and sleek and mmmmmm

edit: I'm tempted by the Creative Zen 8 gig model now ... slightly less good looking maybe but twice as much gigs and good reviews ... decisions decisions


Trinity said...

you have to go for the ipod. Itunes is soooo easy to use.I had normal Mp3's and they were anightmare. I got 4mbs and it's fine.

clarrie said...

but I don't do itunes. And I am hopelessly indecisive and need to carry gigs of choons with me (tho I'll only actually listen to the same 2 albums)

Jude said...

Big ones are a bit of a nightmare to scroll through I loved my mini (4gb) until I lost it now I'm using my sisters big one I think it's 20gb. You will only listen to a few albums though. IT'S THE LAW.

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