Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well I've been back for over a week but life just keeps happening and getting in the way of important computer stuff.
portsoy harbour panorama
Our holiday was great, NE Scotland is beautiful and the fishing village we stayed in was lovely. Other lovely places include Hopeman (top quality rockpooling) and Pennan (spot the Local Hero phone box)
We had far better weather than we had any right to expect in October, the first couple of days were glorious. It wasn't so good after that there was still lots to do; we went to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses - it was amazing to see the lenses and reflectors close up, I'd never really thought about what they're like
reflectorsspiral stairsrainbows
and to the MacDuff Marine Aquarium - which is small but perfectly formed. It's really interesting that all of their fish etc are indigineous, and the staff are really lovely and helpful and interesting
tanksea pensstarfishgiant anemones
Owen's favourite thing of all was the ice-rink, we went twice (plus once to the swimming pool). One thing we didn't get to do was go on a boat trip to look for whales and dolphins and sharks - they weren't sailing because of the weather. We did see a seal close up in the harbour tho, awwww. Oh and visited "the world's leading malt whisky specialist" to get a pressie for R - tho he had to slum it with a bottle of GlenKeith rather than one of the malts with a 3 or even 4 figure price tag.

So, a great holiday but too much driving (C doesn't drive so it was all down to me). Going up was OK as we did it in 3 hops (Manc-Durham / Durham-Dundee / Dundee-Portsoy) but the drive back down all the way from Portsoy to Durham in one day was too much really. Then when we got back it we had to get ready for O's birthday, he was 7 last Saturday. He was very happy with the roller blades we gave him, he is very keen on honing his skating skills to perfection. He didn't have a party this year, we had a few kids for a sleepover and cinema trip instead, plus a surprise visit to the chocolate fountain.

Weightwise things are quite bad, I suspect I am now at my heaviest ever. I have been bingeing quite badly. I think I am going to spend some time working on my bingeing behaviour and try once again to get that under control, and also to increase my exercise, but I'm not going to go on an actual diet for now.


Jude said...

SEVEN how can that be?

I got to my highest weight this year it was bad.

Stephen said...

I was alway pretty heavy, nearly up to my top wieght - but since my little problem C is making sure I eat more sensilby - I've lost 2.5 kilos, but since going back to work it seems to have slowed down (or maybe that's something to do with going to well-catered firework parties at the weekend). Anyway, go for sensibleness and don't stress about it too much. Smallest is seven in January, and Small is ten next birthday... scary, but not as scary as being 50 :-(

Stephen said...

PS why can't you edit a comment after you've posted it and spotted all the typos? Grrrrr

stanley said...

Great holiday experience at Scotland. Pictures are really cool! What about the Marine Aquarium that you visited? What type of fish you’ve seen over there? Actually once I’ve seen a marine aquarium, ohh that was too good. Different type of fish even Piranha was also there.

clarrie said...

sadly (or actually not sadly at all for paddling) piranahs are not native to the north sea and so they don't have them at the Macduff aquarium. They have cods and horned rays and starfish and octopus and lots of stuff, click the link in the post to go to their site.