Monday, November 13, 2006

blah blah blah

Oh flick feck arse. I hate all this dieting cr@p. But also I hate being a bleb so back on the path of rightousness I attempt to go. Weighed self this morning, as expected am heaviest ever, weighing more than Liza Minnelli. Plan of sorts:
  • no alchohol for 2 weeks
  • no crisps
  • exercise: Monday = bellydance, Thursday = pilates, Saturday = swimming
tis a start. Today I shall be mostly taking my mind off crisps by playing with my computers - wireless network tends to play up so arrival of shiny new laptop is a good time to reinstall it from scratch. Also am trying an MSOffice-free experiment on new machine, have got open office installed, now need to try playing with it to get Thunderbird and Lightning (very very frightening) to work too. Then I'm getting a feck off big external hard drive to back up all my puters on.

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Anonymous said...

Grrr, just tried to post and the stupid upgrade thing barfed. Anyuway, with you on the no alcohol thing, also avoiding eating leftovers, sugary things and chocolate. And getting more exercise.

You go, girl.