Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Octopus Day

octopus day logo

In honour of the First Unofficial International Cephalopod Awareness Day, I shall be casting on an ammonite (for my long-suffering earth science tutor)

knitted ammonite and belemenite

But that will have to be this evening, after I have spent another day in the library revising for my exams - the first one is this friday aaaargh

meanwhile, please to enjoy some cuttlefish p0rn


Anonymous said...

Erm, why does this have the German national anthem as its background music? How bizarre.

clarrie said...

maybe germans are particularly keen on cuttlefish pron? or maybe the director is trying to warn us of the cephalopod's plans for world domination as they strive for more lebens-wasser?

Cephalopodcast said...

Thanks for participating in ICAD.

Kevin says he will send someone a bottle of Pennsylvania's finest Riesling to anyone who knits him this dumbo octopus. :-)

Rheinhard said...

Actually, the melody of "Deutschland Uber Alles" was a movement of a Haydn concerto long before words were set to it for the German anthem. The music in the background is the original Haydn piece: specifically String quartet in C Major Opus 76 #3, 2nd movement.

A quite lovely piece and not what I would have imagined for ceph courtship, but it works nonetheless.