Friday, October 26, 2007

surplus to requirements

It being half term and my exams being finished, O and I have been away for a few days in a caravan. R couldn't get away from work. C was meant to come with us but in the end she couldn't escape from her various committments. So it was just the two of us. O quickly made friends and from then on only needed me to provide food, dry towels for swimming (indoor pool hurrah) and money for the arcade. Leaving me free to knit, read trashy novels and take the odd stroll down to the sea.

Now I am home alone, O has gone with cubs to Parents Get Lost and R has gone to a conference. The house is a mess yeah right like I am going to spend the weekend cleaning when there's knitting to be done.


Jude said...

Ooh Whitley Bay I like.

M@rla said...

I'm pretty sure that's the holiday camp they visited in Tommy. Glad you had a nice vacation.

Beagle Girls said...

Keep up the good work. We are working hard too!