Saturday, April 15, 2006

today I have been mostly

buying books. I :heart: charity shops1, this morning I got a big pile of books for under a tenner. 4 assorted 'young puffins' and a Dennis and Gnasher 'Gnock Gnock' book for O - the only book he reads voluntarily at the moment is his Horrid Henry joke book, hopefully the Dennis book will be as popular. I am determined to get him reading by any means necessary. I also got '101 Cool Science Experiments' (for me and O) and 'How to get a good degree' (hopefully it'll tell me how to stop using reading study skills materials as a diversion from actually studying);

no-one is illegal
demonstrating against the destitution, detention and deportation of refugees, asylum seekers & migrants;

9th drcalming a 6 year old boy who has been waiting for the new series of Dr Who since Christmas and is in danger of bursting with exctitment within the next 2 hours (or alternatively of getting burst eardrums from me shouting "NO!" when asked for the 125th time if it's time for Dr Who yet). I am looking forward to it too, although the 10th Dr isn't a patch on the 9th

studying chemical kinetics - if the Dr is ever looking for a new assistant, I want to be ready

1. that may be'thrift store' to you


Jude said...

The new doc is rubbish I shall spit at him when on screen...unless I quite like him.

Trinity said...

i love new doctor and will snog him if I see him

clarrie said...

you'll have to get past my mum first, she is besotted with him (he is Scottish therefore automatically much better than anyone else ever)

Mia Goddess said...

I'm having the same problem with the much-anticpated doctor over here at my house...except the "six year old" is my husband. *sigh*