Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Bad things about visiting My Parents .... as already mentioned, my mum keeps the house well stocked with Bad Things (despite her and my dad always being allegedly on diets). If I don't eat them, she goes on about it. If I do eat them, she looks disappointed in me. See, my parents have always been on at me about my weight, for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, prob size 14 - 16 but very active (playing hockey, swimming, etc) they were on at me to lose weight. They've stopped Going On About It now, but I know what they think. I can tell by the way my mum as of always asking 'have you lost weight?' in a hopeful tone of voice. Course now I have actually lost some weight she doesn't feckin mention it. Feckin parents. And she still gave me a feckin easter egg ('just a little one') despite me telling her not to. Feck.

So yes I did eat too much chocolate and assorted crap. My Easter has been somewhere between being totally good and being terribly bad. Mainly good with patches of bad.

My sis gave O Finding Nemo vid instead of an egg. We have watched it every day for the last 4 days (we saw it at the cinema too). My new hero is Dory

I joined my first fan listing. I would explain why she' so fab but I can hear the video starting again so gotta go ......

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