Monday, April 19, 2004

ummm .... diet not going so good, in fact diet not happening at all right now. I have some Other Stuff I have to deal with and sadly I don't seem to be able to deal with it without carbs'n'fat. Me bad, I know. Hopefully normal service will be resumed within the next week or so. And at least I've given up the nicotine gum hooray but that is making life a little more stressful for me.

Smoke-free since 1st Feb 03 - completely nic-free since 11 Feb '04
I have not smoked for one year, two months, two weeks, four days, 12 hours, 43 minutes and 50 seconds.
11088 cigarettes not smoked, £2,217.44 saved to spend on books instead of paid to evil death dealing tobacco companies.
Life saved to spend with new books: 5 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, 0 minutes.

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