Saturday, April 03, 2004

OK I have to face the fact I have ‘issues’ ™ with food, and that when I’m unhappy, depressed, whatever, I want to eat and eat and eat (and at the mo I am feeling quite low). So what to do? I could ignore it, grit my teeth, summon up an iron will power and vow never to eat more than 1750 cals a day ever again. Yeah right. I have the will power of a small slug with no will power. I could think feck it all and give up dieting and go on being fat and ‘happy’. Except I’m not happy being like this (on top of all the other unhappinesses I’ve got that manifest themselves as desires for Pringles).

So, what I think I’m going to try and do is … just do the best I can and not beat myself up over things going wrong sometimes. I will keep up the exercising, and will aim to eat sensibly most days, and keep on weighing myself, and see what happens. May not be ideal but it’s an improvement on what I was doing before.

I did do some exercise today, in fact I feel like I did a whole week's worth. Missed my Thursday belly dance class so went to class at diff venue, went by bike. 1 hr dancing plus 1hr 10 mins bike riding adds up to 1,230 cals burned and very very sore legs. Oh and I went swimming yesterday too but that was crap, only 20 lengths, my excuse is my stroke was all over the place hahah.

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