Friday, September 01, 2006

good start

Weighed myself this morning - I know I only did it on Monday but I want to have Friday as my regular weighing day - and I've lost 2.5 lb hurrah but erm I may but some of that back on tonight as we are going out to our friendly neighourhood Malaysian eaterie.

OK gotta go and observer the local street theatre - the council are trying to take away a neighbour's car for some reason (probably it's not taxed etc) but has they were winching it up he got in it and locked himself in, so now there's bit of an impasse.


Jude said...

Well done. I read that there is some new offer in America you pay for a month of WW and you get the online thing free.

clarrie said...

so you bloody should, I think they have a real cheek charging for the online bit on top of the fiver a week meeting fee