Sunday, January 20, 2008


Went for first proper bike ride in ages today. Well I say proper; because it was so long since I'd been out we only did 15 miles. Didn't cycle much last year due to a combination of CB's bad knees and my OU commitments. CB's knees are much better now. Her doctor told her it was her weight putting too much stress on them, and she has done as she was told and lost weight. She's gone from being big like me (size 24/26) to being a 16/18. She's lost 80 lb in 8 months by careful eating and lots of exercise. And so I see with my own eyes that it can be done.

One thing I have to get back is control, not just of my eating but of other bits of my life. If things go wrong and I feel disorganised and running around getting nowhere fast and everything's too much, then that is liable to trigger me back down into uncontrolled eating too.

So that is what I am working on for now, being controlled and organised instead of panicked, bingeing and chaotic. I have started to revive my gtd processes; I have all my open loops in 'in' and will be processing them tomorrow. The weekly review will return. And I am going to get back to belly dancing this week.


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