Friday, May 21, 2004

I have given up all pretence of being on a diet and stuffed my face with crap. No surprise then that I have put on 2lb since I last weighed myself. I need to get a grip of myself. If I just stopped shovelling so much crap in my mouth, I'd lose weight (very slowly but I'd lose it). I'm doing the exercise (well some of it, still belly dancing and bike riding but haven't been swimming for ages). I need to have a long talk to myself. Hmmm. That's the trouble, I'd rather hide behind a family sized bag of crisps than talk to myself.

In other news: I'm feeling pretty happy with my purchases from Asda last night ie a new toolbox and a set of allen keys (I payed extra for decent Stanley ones but they still less than two quid the set). Also I am now able to say 'lube' without sniggering. Looking forward to lubing my nipples this weekend I must say. See, still not sniggering. Heh.

It's a long time since I listened to Linton Kwesi Johnson, so long that I'd forgotten how blisteringly brilliant he is. Dub poet, social historian, political voice. If you don't have any LKJ cds in your collection, get Independant Intavenshan right now.

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