Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Turns out my sound card hates me. Or hates windoze**. Whatever, anyway turns out it was sound card/sound card drivers that was taking over my computer and making it run all slug like. Only took me most of the weekend to find that out.

Well OK most of the weekend I didn't spend fitting new brake blocks to every bike in the house, repotting my seedlings, listening to dub with the bass set to teeth rattling levels (well if my neighbours insist on playing music at levels that I can hear when I'm outside my own flat, I don't see why I can't listen to my own music when outside my own flat) and generally sitting round in the sun. But hurrah it is fixed. Well sort of fixed, in that my puter works but the sound is not so good and sounds muddy ... I may have to take a screwdriver to it yet.

And double hurrah for O learning to ride a bike without stablizers. He's only 4 and a half. Huge glow of parental pride. He learned to do it on Wed, and has been pedalling furiously ever since. When I was at the bike shop getting new brake blocks (fairly pointlessly in the case of O's bike - why use brakes when you can use your brand new 30 quid a pair shoes?) I got him a dolly/teddy seat and a new water bottle. Awwww.

** cor look at me i say windoze instead of windows I told you is 7l77t h4x0r d00d

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