Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Had to go Down South yesterday. Forgot all about the Peter Akroyd walks but did do a different long walk. Suicidal madness it may be, but I am thinking of taking the bike on the train with me next time I go to London. So this time I picked up the relevant cycle map and walked the route I'd be taking. Some of it was pretty scarey (terrifying junctions) but there are lots of roads marked in yellow as 'quiet' and they were, even at 5 pm. So mebe I won't be squished by white van man after all.

Eating not too bad yesterday. I talked myself out of stuffing my face with crisps all the way there and all the way back on the train. Tho I did end up having a choccie muffin in the end, to console me for being hours late home after Euston station was closed.

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