Monday, June 28, 2004

Took wheel to bike shop. Bike Maint Teacher very kindly took time out, in spite of being extremely busy, put in nice fresh ball bearings (with plenty of grease), adjusted the bearings/cones properly, and only charged me for the cost of the ball bearings. Back home, put wheel back on bike, test ride - strange noise continues. Waaaaah. My bike related diagnostic skills obv 0, and I strongly suspect something expensive is Seriously Fecked (to use a technical term). Most likely I won't be at bike maint class on Wednesday (have to go Down Souf that day) so won't be able to beg for more help then. Even rang Dad but he was no help (what is the point of having an engineer for a father if he can't diagnose and fix all mechanical problems by phone bah). So Boo Boo Boo also I have too much work on this week and not enough time to do it bah bah bah.

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