Sunday, June 06, 2004

We had a good camping trip, in spite of the rain and the midges and the annoying-campers-next-door. Me and O went with friends and their 3 kids (R stayed at home to Write His PhD).

We camped on a large site at the foot of Coniston Old Man. The views were great tho would've been better without the accompaniment of 'Eye of the Tiger' from next-door's car stereo. The weather was nice on Wednesday when we arrived, so the kids stripped down to their pants and paddled in the lake. We had plans for all 3 days but these were scuppered cos it peed down on Thursday. We took the kids to the aquarium to keep them dry - O particularly liked touching the starfish and anemones and crabs. Friday we went to Grizedale Forest and looked at sculptures. We wanted to hire bikes with trailer bikes but they were all out. So we reserved some for Saturday morning. Me and O did have fun on ours on Saturday, but there was way too much up for us, and we had to get off and push some of the time. Am going to have to grit teeth and start doing 'up' if I want to be a cyclist rather than just a POB.

We ran out of time and so didn't make the attempt at Coniston we'd been planning. Maybe the kids' legs wouldn't've made it anyway. We can always go back and try again another time, and hopefully find a quieter campsite for a base.

Foodwise things weren't too bad. Some biscuits, some crisps, some wine. I weighed myself this morning and have gained 0 lb hurrah. I'm beginning to try to get back some control over my eating, eg not always buying crisps the minute I think I want some, but remembering that I do in fact want to lose weight (and why).

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Jude said...

That's why you saw no diving ducks you went to different one.