Sunday, June 27, 2004

Well me bike's in bits, but am still feeling proud of self.

In an attempt sort out the Mysterious Knocking Noise that started a few days ago, I decided to investigate my rear hub. We haven't done hubs in bike maintenance class yet so I had very little idea what I was doing. Armed with my Haynes Bike Book and a borrowed cone spanner, I got the thing off and found that a bearing cage (I think that's what they're called) had disintegrated. It's the one on the sprocket side, and I don't see any way to replace it without taking the sprockets off. Sprocket set removal is graded '5 spanners' by Haynes and involves more tools I haven't got. So CrapBike is off the road and backwheel will be visiting Local Bike Shop (LBS) tomorrow.

Nevertheless I feel quietly smug because
1 - at least I tried to fix things myself (until a couple of months ago I wouldn't've tried to take back wheel off meself and didn't know that hubs are called hubs)
2 - the thought of the bike being out of action for a couple of days feels so much of an inconvenience, shows how much going by bike has become my default option.

While I am at LBS I must remember to get a new chain guard too. Cropped trousers are good because you can just take them home and wear them straight away (instead of having to wait till your mum/best friend takes the hems up for you). But they are bad because they are too short for bicycle clips so your nice new light-coloured trousers get caught in the chain booo.

Food wise things have been so so, some bingey days and some not. Haven't lost or gained any weight. Am thinking about dieting properly again. Only thinking bout it at this stage tho.

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