Tuesday, September 06, 2005

back to normal

O went back to school today, very excited about being in Year 1 and allowed to go on the Big Climbing Frame (off limits to Reception class & nursery, he's been desperate to get on it for 2 years). He has 2 teachers again this year, splitting the week between them. The first-half-of-the-week teacher unfortunately reminded me of Jill from the brilliantly awfully horribly painfully hideously brilliant Nighty Night. Candy pink eyeshadow is so not a good day-time look for anyone over the age of 12.

I have been Open Universiting like mad, got to get the last assignment of the course in by next Tuesday and it is v. hard physics eep and no chance of an extension, then straight after that we have to get an end of course assessment in. And this weekend I am already committed to visiting an old friend who's having a rough time, plus the usual Sunday bike ride. And a pile of work work to do, too. Oh and some work I have to do for the community association.

And I s'pose I'd better think about re-starting the weight loss groove thang, if only so I can improve my cycling times. My fat club meeting was cancelled but seems to have started up again. I can't go tomorrow (meetings meetings) but I should go next week. And start thinking about getting back to at least eating like a normal person instead of a crazed binger from hell.

In other news: my neighbours seem to have broken up then got back together, and added another woman into the mix, too. That's another thing on my to-do list: invite their 6 yr old round for tea and get the inside track on the menage-a-trois.

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Trinity said...

What is normal madame?
Any vacancies next door?