Friday, September 23, 2005


Sorry for lack of posting, been all busy, what with study and work and shopping. Gah I hate shopping but it had to be done, for to look all lovely at Mum & Dad's meal tomorrow (thanks for the advice on that btw). But here is some random stuff to be going on with ...

  • World's Thickest Man in "Who's the daddy?" shocker
    Emma finally tells Ed that Will (his brother and her husband) is not the father of her baby - Ed is. Shock horror omg etc. FFS, how is Ed supposed not have noticed that this woman, the love of his life, who shagged him on her hen night then still married his brother, gave birth 9 months after their tryst? Ed may be a Grundy, and may not be the sharpest tool in the box even by Grundy standards, but he wouldn't even need to use all of his fingers to count to 9. And he's a stockman/farmer type, cows and humans have the same gestation period (true fact), it wouldn't've taken much for him to work it out. Or even to just wonder, just a little teeny bit. Anyway, it's poor ClarrieLuv I feel sorry for.


Trinity said...

we'd rather check out your butt.
Bad spam blogger.... get me a BIG stick.

clarrie said...

feckin comment spammer bah!