Monday, September 19, 2005

help needed

Next week it's my parents' ruby wedding anniversary, so they're having A Bit Of A Do. The question is, should I (and/or my sister) make some kind of speech? Our family doesn't go in for big gestures, speeches, being demonstrative, etc. I was thinking maybe just proposing a toast to them might be the thing to do? Feck, I hate that I am nearing 40 and still have no idea how to behave in public. Nor any idea what to wear (I am about to go and throw myself at the shops and hope something vaguely suitable sticks).

Blog of the day: BadScience. I :heart: Ben "serious fuck-off academic ninja" Goldacre.


Stephen said...

Wear Ruby Slippers! How could there be an alternative?

Seriously, I'd identify an appropriate point in the proceedings (end of food, presentation of gift or arrival of cake) and say just a few words along the lines of congratulations on reaching such an milestone, and how much you and your sister owe to them or somesuch, and then toast them by their Christian names (much as the bride's father would at a wedding).

That's what I'd do, anyway.

Trinity said...

I'd prob write a huge speech and make everybody cry. I'm so good at that. Yep do something.. and wear ruby slippers. I agree.